On my Droid X when I look at the list of text message conversations, one of my conversations has an icon with an envelope and a tiny red x on it. I can't figure out .

I reset my phone this morning and this symbol came up. It is next to 3G symbol at the top and it looks like a gray disc with two green curvey bars

i assumed that it meant not sent .. but i get the envelope What does the envelope with an arrow mean on verizon phones with the red x and the person still responds to my text. so what else could it mean

Ever hit a button on accident on your Verizon LG cellphone and a mysterious icon comes up? Since each cellphone contains dozens of icons, it's unlikely you'll .

What do all the icons on my Motorola RAZR V3c phone mean? - Free tech support help from Ask Dave Taylor

[Unopened envelope with right arrow . contact a VZW Representative at 1-800-2-JOIN IN or dial *611 from your Verizon Wireless phone, . Verizon/RIM does not .

What does the purple arrow mean next to the envelope on a text message for the Samsung reality phone from Verizon? ChaCha Answer: The.

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Best Answer: the sent text doesnt mean that the message was actually recieved. sometimes it does that when u What does the envelope with an arrow mean on verizon phones are sending a text to a non-verizon wireless phone. the .

Someone said: I had the same question. I have an LG Accolade, but that symbol you described refers to a missed call. If you go to menu, settings and tools, phone info .

What does the cross arrow symbol on my Verizon Voyager phone mean? ChaCha Answer: You stumped me! I Couldn't find the meaning of the .

What does it mean when in your sent message